Eden Trail

Land of biKing Treasure

They take you to a rich and spacious, non-explored and ecologically very well preserved piece of Slovenian land. The area of LKT Trails & Paths is located at the cross-point of many routes but just a few minutes ride from the state capital Ljubljana and some over half an hour away from the Mediterranean coast.

Notranjska is the region in the transition from Central Slovenia to Primorska seaboard. This is a karst landscape with world famous karst phenomena like karst field, dolina (karst valley), and kras (karst or limestone).

We can use the term “Notranjska Karst Triangle” to identify the area between the Postojna basin, Planinsko polje (which is an intermittent lake), and Cerkniško polje which covers the historically best known karst system. The Postojna Cave and the disappearing Cerknica Lake are world renowned, and there are numerous caves, sinks, and forested karst plateaus.

The landscapes of the region are dramatic and varied from wild forests, rivers and mountains, to cultivated valleys and high plateau.

Limestone karst is the dominant geology of the area, resulting in an abundance of associated features. There are sinkholes where surface water disappears to flow underground before re-appearing many kilometers away.

All this natural wealth is united in the area of the “Land of biKing Treasures that bikers are able to enjoy it along numerous trails designed by Skirca Club.

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